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Includes daily yoga and beach trips along with three amazing, organic, gourmet meals. Not applicable for retreats. Minimum 3 night stay.

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Please join us any day from Sunday Nov. 29th to Friday Dec. 4 for Yoga Classes with our talented local teachers!
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Iboga Therapy

Iboga Therapy Preparation Guide   |  Iboga Retreats

Iboga Natural Healing Experience

Our ongoing five, seven, and ten day Iboga retreats offers you an extremely deep, personal one-on-one healing journey. To get more information or to register please click the "Iboga Retreats" link just above this text.

Known for its distinct psychoactive and physical effects, this plant has been used to treat active addiction/dependency problems, physical ailments, mental/emotional disorders and enhanced spiritual health. The treatment puts you in a position to participate in unlocking the root cause(s) of your illness , addiction , disorder or blockage to reset nature's blueprint to your soul. For a list of ailments and addictions we treat, please scroll down to the end of this page.

Our retreat options are all inclusive and include:

Spiritual Healing - 4 nights / 5 days at $3900

Celebration - 6 nights / 7 days at $5400

Revival - 9 nights / 10 days at $6900

The all inclusive Iboga therapeutic healing retreats come with:

  • 3 natural organic meals per day
  • Iboga treatments
  • 1 custom massages
  • Endless free surf lessons
  • Guided tours
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Acupuncture
  • Meditation
  • Nutritional planning
  • Recovery planning
  • Iboga teachings
  • Daily Iboga yoga
  • Pre and post cleansing and purification
  • A Beautiful comfortable room and bed
  • A Stunning view of the jungle below
  • One night out to dinner at the notorious "La Luna" restaurant.
  • Pre-Iboga intake and intention setting sessions: These 90 minute sessions discuss goal and intentions for the retreat and the ceremony to help clients get the most out of the retreat. We discuss where the body/mind has been in the past, where the body/mind is now, ad where the client would like to see the body/mind in the future. This session also works to reduce anxiety that clients may have around the ceremony and future outcomes, what they can do to produce the best results during a ceremony , and how to do something with the information immediately in a ceremony.
  • Post-Iboga review sessions: These 90 minutes session help the client process their experience, review their experiences, and develop a plan of action for going back to their normal daily lives. Items discussed in this session may be how to talk to family and friends about their experience, how to integrate new found knowledge into their lives , and how to execute a new identity after a ceremony.

Please note that there are guidelines for each participant to follow in preparation for an Iboga healing retreat. These guidelines make up a protocol we consistently adhere to in order to gather the necessary information for each person. For more information about registration, find the upcoming Iboga Retreats on the events page or simply click this link: http://www.costaricayogaspa.com/Events.aspx.

Iboga is the most powerful healing substance known to humankind and will provide you with the healing you desire. This plant medicine has a rich history of use originating in Africa by the Pygmies and then later with the Bwiti . Iboga is a sacred African plant that has profound effect's treating various conditions that pose obstacles to health and well-being.

A typical treatment begins with relaxation/grounding techniques and setting an intention for your healing process. During the treatment you are cared for by a nurturing, professional licensed staff consisting of a Naturopathic medical doctor and Chinese doctor plus other professionals to help guide you through the transitions keeping you comfortable and safe .

Effects of the Iboga treatment are very different for every individual as we are all unique. Our retreats provide comprehensive and original therapeutic opportunities to support the process. We strive to make this treatment experience as successful as possible through integrative therapies to encourage self exploration, healing, recovery and aftercare.

Each person's Iboga experience will be specifically tailored to his or her needs upon consultation here at the ranch. Individualized care is essential for successful treatment, support and maintenance. The goal of therapy is based upon the individual and meeting them where they are along their path to health. It is critical for those being treated to have active participation in their healing process by setting intentions and committing to lifestyle modifications as necessary to support long-term effects of treatment.

The elimination of toxins is the first step to better health. The powerful cleansing you receive both mentally and physically from Iboga will make you feel young, organic, and vibrant once again. Iboga will heal your body faster and more effectively than any other substance on our planet, and make you feel like your original, organic, centered loving self.

Our Treatments are for people seeking relief from physical health issues, drug addiction, mental and emotional problems. I am an absolute firm believer that there is not one physical ailment or drug addiction that we cannot relieve you of or a spiritual journey you will not benefit from. You will be reset on a molecular level. They call Iboga the plant of truth. This plant is not natural but supernatural and will have a profound effect on you forever. You will soon have what we refer to as the Iboga glow.

We are licensed by the Costa Rica Ministry of health and we are involved with various organizations that have ongoing research programs for Iboga so we can help make it more available with more knowledge to the world.

We offer very individualized care, support and maintenance for our guest's. We also do our best to make you feel at home. We also love to have fun here and there is always activities going on and you are free to do everything and then again absolutely nothing if you want as long as you are happy!!!!

* Participation in certain activities or modalities may vary based on relative or absolute contraindications.

We are not claiming Iboga to be the "cure all" but a powerful stepping stone to a sustainable pure health regime.

We will be sending you a detailed Preparation Guide as soon as you register.

The following is a list of ailments we can assist you with however there are so many more than shown on this list that we can treat.





-Heart Disease

-Autoimmune conditions





-High Blood Pressure

-Hepatitis A/B

-Digestive Problems

-Arthritis and Rheumatism


-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

-Gas Poisoning

-Pesticide Exposure


-Viral Infections


-Cystic Fibrosis


-Thyroid Dysfunction


-Anxiety Disorders

-Eating Disorders

-Sicle Cell Disease



-Chronic Fatigue





About your facilitators

Darin McBratney is a futurist, yoga teacher, writer, BMW motorcycle enthusiast, counselor, surf instructor, plant healer and a strong activist for peace in the world. Darin is the owner of Costa Rica Yoga Spa and has lived in Nosara for 24 years. Darin  was an adventurer and traveler from a young age living in New Zealand, Hawaii, Central Coast of California, and Europe. Darin has been studying and growing herbs and plants for years and found it to be his calling to heal people through the use of natures most powerful plant, Iboga. His daily research has made him knowledgeable of this sought after very healing plant and has lead him to the development of te worlds first combination of iboga and yoga which we refer to as Iboga Yoga. The Cost Rica Yoga Spa is now well known for this unique powerful combination and add  Darin and Ashley's perfected Iboga sound tracks and you have the most fluid organic healing of your life.

In 2005 Darin became critically ill at what appeared to be the pinnacle of his healthy and happy life and went through 2 extremely hard years becoming very frustrated with western medicine being fed drugs, misdiagnoses, and being passed around and costing a fortune and almost dying twice. This horrific 2 years instilled in him the path of healing naturally. After 2 expensive and trying years, Darin was diagnosed correctly by Dr. Anno Kerkeryian in San Luis Obispo California with Ciguetera or red tide toxins that entered his body while surfing in a red tide with the use of kiniesiology. this intrigued Darin to start researching all natural modalities of healing. Becoming discouraged with western medicine Darin set a path so others don't have to suffer. A path to freedom.

Darin's interest in kiniesiology and naturpathic medicine, accupunture, chinese medicine  ayurveda medicine,iradology and just about every other form of natural healing modality that is not western medicine will be implemented at the new healing center at Costa Rica Yoga Spa.

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