15% Off shared room stays during November and December!

Includes daily yoga and beach trips along with three amazing, organic, gourmet meals. Not applicable for retreats. Minimum 3 night stay.

Contact us for more information: Info@costaricayogaspa.com


Please join us any day from Sunday Nov. 29th to Friday Dec. 4 for Yoga Classes with our talented local teachers!


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BuddyLongDogBlog | Bio



Hurricane Sandy Report — 30 October 2012

Ashley is back in NC from her breath work training in California! But only for a day! She's heading down to Nosara tomorrow to lead the Yin Yan Yoga Teacher Training and retreats.

Hurricane Sandy Report — 27 October 2012

Hurricane Sandy upon us in North Carolina at the moment. Waves are humongous but only the fools are out now! We should have some good and challenging surf after she passes.  Looking forward to seeing everyone in November!

No Love from Delta — 2 September 2012

Delta Airlines halts me in my tracks en route to CRYS with Darin's new board!  Unbelievably, the counter agent claimed that "Delta didn't accept surfboards on regional jets." I wasn't leaving without those boards as that was half the reason for going. In addition, they would not deliver the boards the next day--like most airlines do if your luggage ends up trailing you. But the real insult to my injury was that even though they had charged me 200$ for the baggage they refused to carriage, they wanted to charge me an additional 200$ change fee, if I didn't fly without the boards!

Surfers beware. Check with Delta before you fly! I fly the exact same regional jets on USAirways (that Delta was flying today) all the time with surfboards. I mean, how would anyone ever get a surfboard out of a small city if you can't take a surfboard on a regional jet? Heck, Nature Air takes longboards!


Erik's Bio

Born in Norfolk, Virginia and more recently from Wilmington, North Carolina, Erik acts as dish washer, rancho sweeper, pool boy, tour guide, surf instructor, and occasionally a yoga prop.  He also designed and developed the CostaRicaYogaSpa.com website and the StudioModo event management software that powers the Costa Rica Yoga Spa and other yoga studios like SeasideYoga.com.

Clarity logoWhen he's not surfing or hanging out with his best Buddy LongDog, Erik plays the role of Principal Consultant for the niche data analytics firm, Clarity Solution Group. His recent projects include managing the delivery of an enterprise data warehouse for US Cellular; supporting the rollout of eBay's 11th generation e-commerce platform; and, designing gogo's future enterprise data warehouse.  

From data warehouses to web applications, Erik has designed, developed, implemented or managed over a dozen large-scale information system solutions for government agencies, large Fortune 500 companies, and small and mid-sized businesses.

In addition to studying with esteemed profesora de yoga Ashley Ludman, he has also been recognized for dressing inappropriately and refusing to quit surfing. 

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