Receive 20% off on Private Suites new online registrations for Hotel Guests with stays completing November 1st 2014 -  November 15th 2014 . This is a special beggining of season value on our beautiful lodging and delicious food!

  • Sat Sept 13 at 4:30PM w/ Mark
  • Sun Sept 14 at 4:30PM w/ Mark
  • Mon Sept 15 at 7:00AM w/ Ashley
  • Tue Sept 16 at 4:30PM w/ Ashley
  • Wed Sept 17 at 7:00AM w/ Ashley
  • Thu Sept 18 at 4:30PM w/ Ashley


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Tony is a multi-lingual Australian rasta lost in paradise. And although his passport says Australian, he is a child of the world – he was born and raised in Africa, did his High School in Australia, moved to Bolivia before attending university in beautiful Malibu, California. He’s very easy to spot with his blonde dreadlocks and big smile. You’ll see, he’s a very happy individual; you’ll never see him frown.


Tony does a lot of different work on the property – he helps with the permaculture projects, he’s the reservations manager in the office and the surf instructor outside of it. He’s always willing to jump on a new project even when he’s still trying to finish off old ones.


Tony loves to surf and play guitar more than anything else. He will never miss a surf session or an opportunity to jam with someone. He also loves to practice his yoga, plant seedlings, build things, and create his own connection with the Earth. What he wants to do with his life is anyone’s guess but he seems pretty happy living day by day enjoying life to the fullest.

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