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Darin was born in Santa Barbara, California and lived also in Santa Cruz and San Francisco as well as New Zealand where he studied Marine Biology. He visited and fell in love with Costa Rica in 1988 on a surf trip.

Having done his research, in 1990 he decided to drive to Costa Rica from California and adopt Nosara as his new home. Darin started Nosara Real Estate and was the only realtor in Nosara for a while. Driven by his idea of always creating heaven on Earth and his dream of creating a healing center, Darin began developing plans for a one-of-kind space dedicated to health, wellness and sustainable living. The decades long planning and development effort bore fruit in 2010 with the grand opening of the Costa Rica Yoga Spa nestled on a beautiful 50-acre jungle ranch only minutes from the beach.

In it's current manifestation, the Costa Rica Yoga Spa includes the Jungle Lodge hotel, Yoga Rancho, and cultivation of hundreds of fruit trees, ornamentals, and organic gardens. However, these accomplishments mark only the first few milestones in a longer journey. A wellness center is in the works that will be equipped to cure anyone of anything! Not just for yoga, the spa is designed to play host to groups interested in organic food and cooking, permaculture, massage, music, nature and sustainable living.

Darin's perseverance and cultivation of both ideas and terrain has earned international recognition and universal admiration for the amazing and beautiful space that is the Costa Rica Yoga Spa. This is reflected in the Costa Rica Yoga Spa's number one rating on TripAdvisor, a slew of excellent traveler reviews, and winner of the 2012 Trip Advisor Traveler's Choice award for best hotel in the Relaxation & Spa category.

Darin's many hobbies include travel, snowboarding, music and music festivals, diving, surfing and, of course, yoga.

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